Filters for your selfies and editing your face

I started writing this post just ranting about how I didn’t like the effect that image-focused social media (i.e. Instagram and Snapchat) have on our body image. I still want to talk about it, but I was inspired. I had to get all of my thoughts out there, not realizing that what I had written was a chaotic mess, possibly making the reader feel guilty about all sorts of things in the process. Of course, that’s not at all what I want to do. What I also realized, was that I was a little hypocritical and that anyone who’s interested in social media related issues, will probably have read similar things already. So this time, I will try to take a slightly different approach.

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Biking through the snow: What an idea!

My boyfriend (I’ll call him ‘Saapjen’, from a comedian we both enjoy) likes, no loves biking. He does it practically everyday. And even though I think that that’s great (some people are obsessed with junkfood or watching Netflix so I’m not complaining), he also likes to go biking with me sometimes.

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