Are we rejecting our human appearance?

I’ve been thinking about ‘being and looking natural’ for many years. This time has given knowledge about all sides of the discussion. Is it feminist to go to a cosmetic surgeon or not? Is it feminist to dress in a sexy way or not? Or in general; is it bad to reject our natural, human appearance? I won’t be able to answer these questions, but this post can perhaps increase the debate about this.

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A message of hope

‘t Kump good

It means ‘it will be okay’, in the Limburgs dialect (Southern Netherlands).

Almost every day I remind myself of this message. It connects me with the rest of Limburg, and it’s a way to stay positive and hopeful.

Of course it shouldn’t result into blind faith or doing nothing. We have to put effort into making it alright. But when you have hope for a better future, you want to work for that. We are working for that.

Studying to work at a polling station

I don’t know if there are people on this platform who expect a scientific post from me every Friday. If there are: I’m sorry, you have to make do with a simple and short one.

There will be an election in the Netherlands next month, and I decided to help out at a polling station! It’s important to stay at least a little productive when you have no studying to do and the place you work at is closed…

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The Power of Labels and Representation

Why do we have a tendency to put people into boxes? Criticism against labels has arisen, but at the same time there are also those who criticize colourblindness. If we use labels, identities that need to be protected are pointed out. At the same time it can lead to ‘ethnic profiling’, where a certain ethnicity is being connected to negative behaviours for no reason. How do we handle this issue?

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My boyfriend turned into a cow! 5 of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had

Some of you female readers have cramps, back pain, a headache or feel hungry the entire time. For me, I always remember the dreams I’ve had a week before I get my period. Some can be unsettling, but most are just plain weird. Like yesterday; I was on an island where visitors and wild animals were walking freely. Here’s a list of some of the strangest dreams I’ve ever had. Interpretations are welcome!

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