A busy week for an introvert or part of adulthood?

There’s still only one day left of this week, but I’m already exhausted! I haven’t really gotten the time to write about something interesting I discovered, so I will share my thoughts about it some other time. Today you can read all the things I’ve experienced. Enjoy!

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Don’t go biking without glasses!

Saapjen convinced me to go mountain biking again. I have to say that I do enjoy it now; every time there are challenges that I have to face and it makes me proud when I overcome them. This time there was a different sort of challenge: biking with new people. Saapjen had arranged a double date with his colleague. I can be quite a shy person, so the idea that his and his girlfriend’s first impression was of me sweating, made me nervous.

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Hoarding in the Digital Age: Are we saving too many memories?

I’m sure we’re all guilty of this: making and keeping too many images and video’s you’re never going to look at ever again. I’ve been a day late with my science-post due to lack of time, so here is me rambling a bit about this phenomenon: Digital Hoarding. If you’re still interested in what it entails and how to control yourself, please keep reading!

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Good at being alone — to a certain extent

As an only child, I’ve learnt how to be alone. I could play with my Barbie’s for hours on end and let my imagination run wild. Perhaps that’s what has made me an introvert, although I do recognize similar characteristics in my family. It is expected that introverts have been preparing for the pandemic for years, and to some extent that’s true; we don’t really mind it. Yesterday I worked at a polling-station and realized that I still crave social interaction though.

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We need to talk about Fat Talk

Have you ever told a friend that, if they think they’re fat, you must be like a whale? Or perhaps a conversation about how you should stop eating so much chocolate sounds familiar. These are typical examples of a phenomenon called Fat Talk. I only found out about its existence at university and was surprised I couldn’t find an in-depth post about it. Fat Talk can harm our body image, so it’s necessary to discuss the topic.

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Virtual influencers of colour: Their role in discussions about racial diversity

Have you ever wondered about the consequences of technlogical development online? I have. In my Bachelor’s thesis, I discovered the world of Virtual Influencers. These are people created with CGI or 3D software, who are used by their designers as influencers on Instagram and YouTube. I first had my concerns about what this could do to the body image of their audience, but I mostly learned their role in discussions about race. In this post I will summarize the research I did, hoping to make you aware of their problematic context.

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