Don’t go biking without glasses!

Saapjen convinced me to go mountain biking again. I have to say that I do enjoy it now; every time there are challenges that I have to face and it makes me proud when I overcome them. This time there was a different sort of challenge: biking with new people. Saapjen had arranged a double date with his colleague. I can be quite a shy person, so the idea that his and his girlfriend’s first impression was of me sweating, made me nervous.

I’m not sure what happened that made me forget my glasses. Perhaps it was the anxiety of meeting new people. Maybe it was the simple fact that the sun wasn’t shining, who knows? Anyways, it was stupid and I will never forget them again.

Saapjen’s colleague and his girlfriend turned out to be really nice people. We didn’t get to talk much, but they supported me when I was struggling to climb up a mountain. One part of the ride contained many sharp turns, little hills and puddles of mud. The men had to show off, of course, so quickly went through the course. The colleague’s girlfriend THANK GOD waited for me and warned me of obstacles. Couldn’t have done it without her!

Strangely enough, I only fell once. It wasn’t even when biking, but when making space for oncoming bikers. I didn’t realize that the pile of leaves right from me covered a pretty steep hill. Not to worry; the fall was soft.

Feeling confident about my mountain bike skills, I couldn’t help being riskier. When I had to set the pace, I went so fast that Saapjen’s more experienced friends stayed behind. When the colleague’s girlfriend went through a deep mud pool, I followed her as quick as I could. I wanted to show these new people that I wasn’t scared. Only mistake: she had her face covered, I didn’t.

That’s where I needed the glasses… I’m making it more dramatic than it really was, but mud did fly into my face, it flew right into my eye. Two days later, one tiny mud-particle is still annoying the hell out of me. Crying didn’t help, rubbing my eye didn’t work either, and I can’t see that damn thing in the mirror. Let’s see what the GP has to say today, I hope forgetting simple glasses didn’t ruin my eye!

Update: there are some small scratches in my eye. It means that I have to use eye gel and wear my spare glasses from high school. Yay headaches!

Lots of warm hugs,


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