A busy week for an introvert or part of adulthood?

There’s still only one day left of this week, but I’m already exhausted! I haven’t really gotten the time to write about something interesting I discovered, so I will share my thoughts about it some other time. Today you can read all the things I’ve experienced. Enjoy!

As I’ve said before, I started the week struggling with my eye. I stayed a day longer with my parents so I could go to the GP (plus it’s really “gezellig” at home; cosy). In the afternoon I worked at the university. I’m a student assistant and help out with administrative stuff. It means that I have to copy and correct information in the database and schedules. Fortunately, I can listen to music during these activities!

These first 2 days I was already making myself nervous for the next few days; I’m a definite pro. On Wednesday I had my first real meeting about the volunteering job I signed up for. I’m still wondering if I can handle it; all the people visiting have to go through real shit; you need to be strong emotionally. Is that me? Not sure… Every Pixar and Disney movie makes me cry, and whenever a child is hurting my heart just breaks. So yeah that made me nervous.

After the meeting, I met with a friend. I hadn’t slept and I kept overthinking about the rest of the week. It was fun spending time with her, but my mind was all over the place. Where I normally would want extensive conversations about certain topics, I gave short summaries of what I thought. Hope I didn’t scare her off! We did make some beautiful pictures though and found some deer enjoying the sun.

Thursday morning I could clean the house a little bit (I promised my housemate), and in the afternoon I had to work at the university again. Same tasks again. I was able to think about what I would get Saapjen for our 3rd anniversary and his birthday, what the people at the volunteering-job thought of me, and what I was going to have to do the next day. The theme park where I work is closed, but staff can still come to clean, paint and repair attractions. So I did!

Thursday evening Saapjen visited me. He could listen to all of my fears and nervousness. Thank god he can calm me down with his stupid jokes! And THANK GOD he wanted to bring me to the theme park on Friday, otherwise I’d have to travel more than an hour by public transport. I’d have to wake up way too early. So Saapjen if you’re reading this: thank you for being so sweet.

The work I had to do in the theme park wasn’t even that difficult. Well, mentally-speaking the tasks weren’t to be worried about. The physical part was a different story. The wooden beams of the swing had to be painted, so a ladder was needed. I’m not a fan of standing on an unstable ladder, so the upper part of the beams had to be done by someone else. The rest of the day I had to carry stuff around in a barrow. Note that the park is on a steep hill, and that the trash had to be carried to the containers at the top. I was glad I could do this with great people; we laughed so hard about almost falling into the bushes! Yeah, I had fun.

And now I’m here writing this, on a Saturday afternoon. There are still so many things for me to do. Some aren’t that bad, but everyone knows what happens when something becomes an obligation. When you’re a child you want to belong to the grown-ups, well… I want to go back. Weeks like these, full of human interaction, drain my social battery. There’s just too much information for me to process; information that I don’t even want. Who knew I was going to be so busy during the 8 weeks of no studying?

And now I’m done talking. I’m going to do things I have to do and not worry about what readers think at all. At least I’m happy there’s a place for me to write my struggles down, so thank you for reading!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Lots of warm hugs,


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