Short update on studying, music, summer plans and covidiots

Hello readers! Nothing too big has happened the past week, so here is a short update on the smaller stuff!

I got admitted to the MA of my choice!

I am very happy with this one. Speaking with a study advisor, I already knew that the statistics courses I’ve been following this year would probably get me into the MA of social psychology. However, I still had to write a motivation letter to explain how my BA media specialization relates to the MA. I got the good news only a few days later. Fortunately all the suffering caused by statistics wasn’t for nothing! It definitely gives me a boost to study further.

Replaying music and new releases

Sooo I keep listening to ALL the Eurovision songs. Alright, some I skip (I’m sorry Georgia). Some participants have even more great music, like the Italian rockband Måneskin (I know I know, it’s Danish for moonshine….). I adore what they’ve created so far, so here’s their Eurovision song (I am secretly trying to make everyone a fan)

Besides replaying music, I also immediately feel the need to hear new music from Billie Eilish and Twenty One Pilots as soon as they release it. Your Power is such a pretty song, I recommend you to listen to it!

Plans for the summer

Saapjen and I have planned a short vacation in Belgium, where we can mountain bike but also relax at the apartment we booked. Thinking about all of that really makes me miss all the vacations I had with my parents. I would love to tell you about those adventures, so in the next few weeks I will share them with you!


The Dutch government thought it was a good idea to remove the curfew and open terraces and shops. The hospitals can’t handle the situation anymore, but sure, great idea 😑 During Kingsday people had gathered in the parks and since the relaxations, the city centres are filled with stupid people. I’d rather wait until they aren’t excited anymore to go outside.

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments.

Have a nice weekend!

Lots of warm hugs,


One thought on “Short update on studying, music, summer plans and covidiots

  1. Nice bloh about your week. Good luck for when you do your studying and I hope you have a great time on your planned holiday in Belgium. Lovely blog, I enjoyed reading it and getting an insight to who you are. Thank you

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