I quit volunteering (and feel guilty about it)

When I started this blog, my plan was to talk about all the new hobbies I’d find during 8 weeks of no studying and to write more scientific posts. I also mentioned I was going to volunteer. In the last few weeks, I found a place where they take care of a house with parents who have to stay close to their sick child in the hospital. They aren’t able to go home, so volunteers try to make the house a little cosier.

It is truly a great cause to be working for. The people are so nice, and seeing parents lighten up because you said their food smelled great, or because you brought their luggage to their room, is wonderful.

As the title of this post already reveals; I quit. Fortunately, I had 4 practice shifts, to see if I wanted to continue or not. In the post Help I got baby fever! I talked about how hard I find it that parents have to handle the mental struggles of their children. This also applies to physical problems. I hadn’t done it yet, but the idea that I’d eventually have to give a house tour to parents of a child laying in the IC…

The most likely thing that would happen is that I’d make it really awkward because I’d keep thinking about how they would want me to behave. Would they appreciate a joke? How can I make them feel comfortable? What if I forget something and they’re not waiting for someone to make things more difficult? Being with an anxious volunteer is not going to make them feel more welcome, I think.

I’m happy to know that there are so many volunteers who are right for the job. They can be way more spontaneous than me and don’t take the work home with them. I still feel guilty though. It feels like I prioritize avoiding my own struggles over making parents of sick children more comfortable. Does that make sense?

Fortunately, they thought I’d been a good volunteer those 4 shifts. So if I ever change my mind, I can just contact them and start almost immediately! And maybe I will, when I’m less in my head.

Have you ever volunteered? What were your experiences? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of warm hugs,


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