My friendships with social media platforms

Social Media can be very complicated. I’m probably not the only one who thinks so. They are great for connecting with others, but OH they are so addictive! When I noticed what it was doing to my mental health, some platforms had to be left. Some friendships are just really toxic; if they’re not making you happy, say goodbye! And that’s what I did. Here’s my journey through all the friendships with social media platforms.

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Waiting for that last exam… (and an update on my blogging)

Before the start of the statistics exam, I felt so much stress. Hmmm… I hadn’t written anything for my blog yet, so who knows, this situation might be really interesting to write about! I wanted to keep myself busy, so enjoy me ranting about how stupid I feel (and the future of my blog).

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A playlist to introduce you to Eurovision

Damn, I’ve been waiting to write this post for a long time. My love for tiramisu goes deep, but the fact that I’ve written this post probably tells you that I’m also obsessed with the Eurovision Song Contest. People can now vote for the best Eurovision songs of all time, so I will use that as an excuse to share with you the most legendary songs of the contest.

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Happy Mother’s day

To all the moms with big and small families; the moms who work and stay at home; the moms who have a partner and those who do it alone; the moms who take care of their bonus or adopted children, and the moms who have lost their own; and lastly to the mothers I’ve forgotten and of course my own mom,

I wish to say:

Happy Mother’s day!

We see you, we appreciate you. Even if we don’t always show respect or life is so hard that we express our frustrations out on you, we love you.

Mam, daanke datse dr altied veur mich bis gewees, en datse nog altied veur deze jong volwassene wils zurge. Fijne moederdag 😘

I quit volunteering (and feel guilty about it)

When I started this blog, my plan was to talk about all the new hobbies I’d find during 8 weeks of no studying and to write more scientific posts. I also mentioned I was going to volunteer. In the last few weeks, I found a place where they take care of a house with parents who have to stay close to their sick child in the hospital. They aren’t able to go home, so volunteers try to make the house a little cosier.

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Help I got baby fever!

Baby fever: “A strong emotional urge to have a child.” ; “The yearning one gets after holding, seeing, or being around a baby. Typically happens in childless women of a young age.” This has been me for a couple of years now. I’ve always said, that if I don’t have a partner who wants children by the time I’m 40, I will raise a child on my own. It’s true. Fortunately for me, Saapjen wants children too. Fortunately for him, I want to wait. It’s pretty difficult to wait though.

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