My friendships with social media platforms

Social Media can be very complicated. I’m probably not the only one who thinks so. They are great for connecting with others, but OH they are so addictive! When I noticed what it was doing to my mental health, some platforms had to be left. Some friendships are just really toxic; if they’re not making you happy, say goodbye! And that’s what I did. Here’s my journey through all the friendships with social media platforms.

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Diversity on children’s television: GEWOON. BLOOT.

As someone with a deep desire to have children one day, I’m already thinking about how to teach them to be unapologetically themselves. Social media isn’t going to go away any time soon, so how would I handle that as a parent? How would I handle the insecurities that come with having an online self? Body image issues are part of puberty sure, but I will take any strategy that can prevent this, or at least make it less awful. You can imagine how happy I was finding a television show that exposes children to real, normal and different kinds of bodies!

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Hoarding in the Digital Age: Are we saving too many memories?

I’m sure we’re all guilty of this: making and keeping too many images and video’s you’re never going to look at ever again. I’ve been a day late with my science-post due to lack of time, so here is me rambling a bit about this phenomenon: Digital Hoarding. If you’re still interested in what it entails and how to control yourself, please keep reading!

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We need to talk about Fat Talk

Have you ever told a friend that, if they think they’re fat, you must be like a whale? Or perhaps a conversation about how you should stop eating so much chocolate sounds familiar. These are typical examples of a phenomenon called Fat Talk. I only found out about its existence at university and was surprised I couldn’t find an in-depth post about it. Fat Talk can harm our body image, so it’s necessary to discuss the topic.

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Virtual influencers of colour: Their role in discussions about racial diversity

Have you ever wondered about the consequences of technlogical development online? I have. In my Bachelor’s thesis, I discovered the world of Virtual Influencers. These are people created with CGI or 3D software, who are used by their designers as influencers on Instagram and YouTube. I first had my concerns about what this could do to the body image of their audience, but I mostly learned their role in discussions about race. In this post I will summarize the research I did, hoping to make you aware of their problematic context.

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Are we rejecting our human appearance?

I’ve been thinking about ‘being and looking natural’ for many years. This time has given knowledge about all sides of the discussion. Is it feminist to go to a cosmetic surgeon or not? Is it feminist to dress in a sexy way or not? Or in general; is it bad to reject our natural, human appearance? I won’t be able to answer these questions, but this post can perhaps increase the debate about this.

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The Power of Labels and Representation

Why do we have a tendency to put people into boxes? Criticism against labels has arisen, but at the same time there are also those who criticize colourblindness. If we use labels, identities that need to be protected are pointed out. At the same time it can lead to ‘ethnic profiling’, where a certain ethnicity is being connected to negative behaviours for no reason. How do we handle this issue?

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Filters for your selfies and editing your face

I started writing this post just ranting about how I didn’t like the effect that image-focused social media (i.e. Instagram and Snapchat) have on our body image. I still want to talk about it, but I was inspired. I had to get all of my thoughts out there, not realizing that what I had written was a chaotic mess, possibly making the reader feel guilty about all sorts of things in the process. Of course, that’s not at all what I want to do. What I also realized, was that I was a little hypocritical and that anyone who’s interested in social media related issues, will probably have read similar things already. So this time, I will try to take a slightly different approach.

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