Travel nostalgia: Bordeaux 2022

After postponing our trip by a whole month, Saapjen and I finally got to go to Bordeaux. I really needed it; the past year consisted of university stress, awful things happening in the family and worries about the future. This short week in France took my mind off all of that, as we had such a wonderful time there.

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Weekly Antics: Shenanigans in the supermarket

I could’ve died of embarrassment when all of this happened. Saapjen just laughed and didn’t care; after all, cashiers see so many people every day that it’s easy to forget all those faces. So now I join Saapjen in seeing it as a funny incident.

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Weekly Antics: Miss bright side

Life after finishing university is weird, to say the least. You’re quickly becoming completely independent and need to figure out how to have a stable life. When I look at my previous posts, my experiences with this don’t sound really positive. I’m mostly stressed about what I’m gonna do now that I’ve finished my thesis and I do have the tendency to look at everything from a negative perspective. It seems I have applied the 3-to-1 ratio (3 positives for every 1 negative) in reverse; for every 1 positive blog post, I created 3 negative ones. It’s time to let go of that.

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Weekly Antics: My worst nightmare

As you might know, this week the weird bump on my knee had to be checked with an ultrasound. Believing the appointment was at 10:30 (am), I left an hour before so I would be there 30 minutes early. I was horribly wrong. Public transport did take me there at 10:00, but when the radiologist entered, I was met with the news I was late. The appointment was supposed to be at 09:30, half an hour ago! I apologized profusely, saying I’m never late and early everywhere I go.

Fortunately, they had some time to check out my knee; it’s the same old fluid that is always torturing me when I stand for too long. Whereas this news should have been a relief, the thought that people had been waiting for me for half an hour stayed in my head for a while. Being late is one of my worst nightmares.

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Weekly Antics: When a sore throat becomes a wonderful reminder

My goodness everyone, last week was absolutely WILD. There was stress, true, with having to figure out the data analysis for my thesis and working at the university and the theme park. That last job was pretty relaxing though, as I had to stain a wooden building and with some music, it became a very mindful activity. The real crazy stuff, however, didn’t happen until Friday.

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Weekly Antics: Traveling in the Doctor’s blue box

This week I travelled to the past for more than 12 hours long. That past isn’t mine. I wasn’t even born then. And it’s not even reality (I hope). No, I watched arguably one of the best shows of all time. It was a nice trip to the 80s. But I also worked on my future. I always plan things ahead far ahead, but of course, I don’t have control over other people’s decisions.

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